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Smart Tower 40 Series


Smart Tower SM10 is the best performing ground support within the Alutek range. It is suitable to lift structures and roofing systems made with heavy duty trusses. The lifting is done exclusively by means of electric hoist and the maximum height allowed is 9 mt. The aluminium base is made of aluminium sheets that enclose in between the sliding guides for connecting and fixing the horizontal supports. The adjustment of the height and the settlement of the tower is, as for the SM02 and SM05 on the horizontal level, keeping safety very high during the delicate phase of installation. The cart is fully assembled without welding.

The adjustment of the three Smart Tower ground supports takes place on the ground level, allowing a great stability also while assembling and lifting the main grid.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Portata massima

2000 Kg.

Altezza massima

9,00 mt.

Traliccio colonna


Compatibilità carrello

S29T - S29Q - S40Q - H29T - H29Q - H40Q

Peso torre

65 Kg.

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